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For over40 years, DIMOTRANS Group has been developing effective, flexible and responsive offers in multimodal road, air and maritime transport, in customs and in B to B and B to C logistics, to manage your entire supply chain.

To make your company the most competitive in its market, DIMOTRANS Group also offers specific solutions for those economic sectors with particular constraints, such as fashion, industry, events, aeronautics and industrial projects.

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Industry Solutions

Organised sales and specific operational processes dedicated to economic sectors with particular constraints.




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“At DIMOTRANS Group, both in France and internationally, whether it’s for operational services (planning and organisation, warehousing) or as a member of our support teams (sales, human resources, quality, computer systems, accounting/finance, legal…), individual talent expresses itself, and ambitions and projects become reality.”

“As the Recovery Coordinator, it’s a daily challenge that I like to take! ‘Money in time”.”

Christelle - Collections Officer

‘My work requires a good presentation, impeccable elocution and perfect behaviour, discretion!’

Michèle - Receptionist

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Thierry - Exporting Manager

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“The challenge? For each specific request, I have to find the most competitive transport solution!”

Kyther - Trucking Manager

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