ITinSell* organised its first e-logistics convention in Paris on 22nd June. So eBusiness, a DIMOTRANS Group subsidiary, took part in this major event that assembled for an afternoon e-logistics experts and decision makers...

SO eBusiness's Director participated in the workshop "Integrating 'customer-centric' delivery". We asked him a few questions.

What was the idea behind ITinSell's e-logistics convention?

ITinSell wished to organise the first convention that brought together experts from logistics, international transport and ecommerce. The objective was to discuss and share ideas about the different challenges faced by ecommerce: reflecting on a new "customer-centric" vision, improving "click to possession", ecommerce legal issues…

Why was it so important for SO eBusiness to participate in this convention?

Our partner ITinSell asked us to take part in the conference whose theme was "customer-centric" delivery. It was an excellent opportunity for us to explain how So eBusiness uses this approach when creating its service offer.

Indeed, delivery has become central to the world of ecommerce, which is changing rapidly. We are convinced that it is necessary to place the customer at the centre of the service relationship, to boost our development in a very competitive environment.

Are you planning on taking part in this type of conference again?

The conference was a real opportunity to think about tomorrow's challenges!

We were able to present our SO eBusiness brand and discuss with numerous ecommerce players about their best practices and what they consider to be their next challenges.

Based on this conference's success, we're certainly thinking about trying it again in the upcoming months, even if we have nothing firm planned at the moment…


*ITinSell develops innovative solutions that simplify, centralise and improve e-supply chain management.

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