Following closely the opening in October of the Lyon group's sixth subsidiary in Asia, located in Vietnam, DIMOTRANS' latest acquisition places it firmly on the roads of the Maghreb

On 8th November as part of its 'EVOLO' strategic plan, DIMOTRANS acquired MAXITRANS.

Founded in 2001, led by Marc Valluche, with 4 locations, a turnover of €8 million and employing 40 people in France and in Tunisia, MAXITRANS is now part of DIMOTRANS (1000 employees, €250 million in turnover). DIMOTRANS' road offer is now broadened to include regions where up until now the group has not been widely present.

The acquisition increases the group's fleet by 100 half-trailers that will provide 40 to 50 departures per week in partial or fully loaded lorries to northern African countries.

The two port locations in Vitrolles, France, and Rades, Tunisia manage incoming and out-going handling, customs, bonded warehouse storage and pre- and post-shipment.

"With this purchase, DIMOTRANS is investing in its development objectives across geographic areas such as the Middle East, Asia and Africa, all of which present strong growth perspectives over the next 15 years," affirms Salvatore Alaimo, Group President.

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Press Contact: S. DONATI, Marketing & Communications Director  sdonati@dimotrans-group.com