Since February, a new Brazilian law requires informing Brazilian health authorities about any wood packaging used for shipments traveling to, from, through or in trans-shipment in Brazil.

This new regulation applies the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures no. 15 (ISPM 15), the purpose of which is to reduce the spread of disease and insects during the transport of this type of packaging. The wood must be treated (using heat or methyl bromide fumigation) and the packaging is marked accordingly.

The law applies to any piece of wood, however small it may be: palettes, boxes, pieces, material, etc. As a result, you must now indicate on the bill of lading (BL) transport document one of the following:

What kind of wooden package?
a. Wooden Package Material: Treated and Certified (treated material and/or fumigated with certification);
b. Wooden Package Material: Processed (processed material);
c. Wooden Package Material: Not Treated and Not Certified (not treated material and/or fumigated with certification).

If the information is not present on the BL, Brazilian authorities have the right to refuse the merchandise and charge penalties.