Starting 1st April 2016, a new tax will apply to lorries over 3.5 tonnes registered in Belgium or Europe and transporting merchandise.

This kilometre tax will apply to the specified lorries for the use of the majority of the road network in Belgium's three regions (Brussels, Wallonia, Flanders). The tax applies to routes where the 'Eurovignette' toll sticker is currently required in Belgium. The operator Satellic has confirmed that 7,000 km of Belgium's 154,000 km of roads are affected. All transport, delivering to Belgium, leaving Belgium or in transit through Belgium, is concerned.

Vehicles must therefore carry an On Board Unit (OBU), and the tax rate varies depending on the vehicle's age: the older the lorry, the higher the tax (currently the EURO 6 standard).

DIMOTRANS Group is committed to respecting the environment, and invests regularly in clean and recent methods of transport that respect EURO 5 and EURO 6 standards. We are therefore able to simplify and minimise differences in this tax.