While discreetly avoiding the limelight, DIMOTRANS Group stepped up its growth strategy with a rapid burst of acceleration on Monday 16 January, when it signed an agreement to acquire Transports H DUCROS.

With the acquisition of the domestics express delivery service, DUCROS, DIMOTRANS, the Lyon-based international multimodal transport and logistics group becomes a major global supply chain player in France.

This bold move left no room for improvisation: “For DIMOTRANS, the integration rounds off its delivery domestics service nationwide, while for DUCROS, it opens the way for international development. For both companies, it gives our respective customers a clear choice of agility and service quality via a seamless transport solution from production to distribution point, offering a viable alternative to the major players,” said Salvatore Alaimo, chairman and CEO of DIMOTRANS Group.

With 10 branch offices, €46 million in revenue and 280 employees, Transports H DUCROS perfectly complements an already rich portfolio of multi-industry solutions, thus positioning DIMOTRANS Group at the forefront of French transport and logistics operators.

For DIMOTRANS, this transaction – orchestrated by the management teams of both companies, which will remain in place – marks a new chapter in its Evolo* strategy. Will it be the last? Or does the Group have more surprises in store for us?

* Evolo: DIMOTRANS’ strategic plan for a twofold increase in revenues by 2020 to €500 million


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