DIMOTRANS GROUP at the 2017 SITL Exhibit!

Our Group Maritime Purchasing Manager, Thibault DUBOIS, took part in the “Maritime Day” conference at SITL (March 14-16, 2017).

The event was attended by several experts: an analyst, a shipowner, a shipper, a port manager, an insurance company and DIMOTRANS Group as a freight forwarder.

It was an opportunity for them to debate on a problem with high stakes: maritime transport is in crisis: how do we analyze the market, how do we protect ourselves against its risks? 

The seven participants agree that the globalization of the 90s is over and made way to a new model.  Maritime freight operators are faced with new threats: overcapacity, falling Chinese exports, regionalization of trade, merger/acquisition, or even bankruptcy of certain shipowners, low oil prices, economic crisis, the need to adapt port infrastructures, digitization. These are the major challenges that this driving industry of global trade will have to face in the next five years.  

This “Maritime Day” conference is an opportunity to face the need for all stakeholders to work together to find common solutions!